Taking dominance in today’s energetic property market and an affordable product to the average family, Our past duplex projects have proven to boost our clients property portfolio and increase their return on investment. Outstanding results for our clients through our duplex turnarounds. Our clients came to us with a design in mind and with ideas springing back and forth, we came up with something that catered for them and also on their investment.

Luxury Homes

Single or double storey luxury homes precisely designed to meet your family’s needs. Here our clients asked for large open plan family, kitchen, and dining rooms, leading to their outdoor leisure areas- a common design practice. Our past clients came to us with a design sketch and together we established a design that was just right for them.


We are on the move looking for new practice, new materials, new designs that are environmentally friendly and at the same time economical. Passive design and focus on sustainable building practice used to moderate the reign of Mother Nature that wants to drive itself into your home.

What our Patrons Think

  • Jacob, a small token of appreciation for all you have done in building our dream. Not only the amazing job you have done with the build, but also your amazing support helping us through the process which has made this process so effortless for us. Thanks Again
    Dave & Deb B.