At Bellepoint, our team will work together with the local authorities and take care of your approval process from initial consultation, to concept, compliance with the relevant local authorities, design and approval. Our dedicated team has an extensive knowledge in local Council requirements and procedures to assist in the approval process and obtain approvals as quickly as possible.

Luxury Homes

Single and Double storey luxury homes precisely designed to meet your family’s list of needs and wants. Designed to accommodate your block no matter its topography, we will surely turn your home into the highlight of your street. We offer a range of stylish and luxurious designs and inclusions to suit your style of living.

Dual Occupancy Dwellings

Dual Occupancy development has taken dominance in today’s vigorous property market. Whist an affordable product to the average family, and whilst the demand in the property market is high, dual occupancy development is a prime indicator of investment growth and increased return on investment. Offering a range of stylish dual occupancy designs with modern inclusions that will create a unique presence to the street.

Narrow or small block? Let us get to work!

The so called busy Sydney has evolved to smaller lot housing and medium density living driving builders like ourselves to get more out of less. Show us your block and let us help you unveil what is buried beneath its surface.

Knock Down Rebuilds

Our objective is to help our clients stand out from the rest in their neighbourhood through our knock down rebuild scheme. We offer modern architecturally designed homes to established areas that illuminate you from the rest. We want you to be at ease as we understand that knock down rebuilds may be challenging for families. Our extensive knowledge with local Council requirements makes the process simple. Our designs both provide a contemporary presence and at the same time adapt to the neighbouring dwellings within the neighbourhood.

Lets Talk Face-Lifts

For the families who are seeking a makeover to their aging kitchen or wet area, our talent to replenish through our luxurious kitchen and bathroom refurb split is there to help about. Our luxury inclusions will unveil a sense of style and appeal to the rest of your home.

Sustainable Building Design

With the cost of living at a hike, our objective is not just to build you a home and leave you with it, we do understand the long-term running costs whilst owning your own home and how expensive it could be. This is why our team will analyse the passive design of your dwelling to ensure utmost efficiency through building orientation, sustainable design and innovation. This is what makes the team at Bellepoint part the rest- Our innovation comes from the passion we have towards building homes for our clients.

Our Mission

Our etched love for building things together with our proficient Project Management trails persistently pushes limits to create unique living spaces for families.

What our Patrons Think

  • Jacob was courteous, communicated well and went out of his way to provide a very good service. I thoroughly recommend him
    Barry Q.